Bridgestone engine mounts - providing optimized isolation

Used extensively in industrial equipment

Bridgestone prides itself in its engineering expertise built up over decades supplying engine mounts for construction and agricultural machinery, rail cars and marine vessels to mention just a few .

Using FEM technology to further develop our rubber materials we have created a range of engine mounts which optimize vibration isolation, perform in heavy-duty environments and offer excellent durability.

Heat resistant and low static-dynamic ratio rubber

Bridgestone's natural rubber compounds offer excellent heat resistance characteristics in high temperature environments.

With a low static-dynamic ratio, they offer excellent isolation performance against engine vibration. In engine applications we use the engine's low-idling revolution when calculating the vibration isolation frequency. For the natural frequency of the vibration isolation system, if the static-dynamic ratio of the vibration isolation rubber becomes lower, we can expect lower natural frequency and better isolation performance.

Engine mount products

Sandwich type engine mounts: Light and medium duty

Sandwich type engine mounts: Heavy duty