Advantages of MT-Pad

Bridgestone manufactures and supplies MT-Pad worldwide. We have been designing, developing and supplying a wide range of rubber solutions to the machinery industry since the 1960's.

MT-Pad is an individually vulcanized rubber pad with an internal steel plates. They are easily installed to the undercarriages of excavators or construction machinery by fitting them over the top of existing steel shoes. MT-Pad is a good solution for large steel tracked excavators which damage the ground surface and when continuous rubber tracks are not available for larger machines.

  • High durability

    MT-Pad is made from Bridgestone's own high durability anti-cut and anti-chunking rubber compound as used in Bridgestone's OTR (Off The Road) tires. The combination of this durable rubber and increased rubber volume means MT-Pad can achieve much higher durability than common clip-on type pads.

  • Safety

    Bridgestone MT-Pad has a hooked clip on one side which fits over the inner edge of the steel shoe. Since there is no need for operators to go underneath the machine during installation, health and safety risks are minimised.

  • Easy installation and replacement

    MT-Pad is fitted by clipping over one end of the steel shoe and bolting over the other end (bolts included). Installation time is reduced because it is simple, secure and only needs one person to complete. Individual worn or damaged pads can be easily replaced in minutes, thereby reducing downtime.

  • Excellent stability and traction

    MT-Pad offers excellent traction and stability due to its large ground-contact area.

  • Kind to the road surface

    Damage to roads and other surfaces caused by traditional steel shoes is avoided. MT-Pad covers the entire steel shoe, preventing any steel to ground contact.

  • Low noise and low vibration

    Vibration and noise are reduced compared to steel tracks. This improves operator comfort and is less disturbing to local residents living near to construction sites.

MT-Pad Brochure

MT-Pad brochure

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