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Conveyor Belt

As a manufacturer of steel cord and fabric conveyor belting, Bridgestone specializes on heavy duty belts for hard rock mining and mineral export.

Our field service engineers have a detailed understanding of the demanding conditions while our rubber technologists develop innovative solutions to suit every application.

  • Longer life of conveyor system
  • Reduction in downtime loss
  • Reduction in operating / maintenance costs and workman-hours.

Optimum top & bottom cover selection maximizes life of belts and minimizes users' operating / maintenance costs; resulting in a reduction in downtime loss and total cost of ownership.

For more information on our conveyor belt products shown below please visit our global web site.­

  • Steel Conveyor Belt
    • Bridgestone supplies reliable Steel cord Belts having half a century experience with numerous supply records for various applications
  • Fabric Conveyor Belt
    • Tailor-made conveyor belt lineup for various applications
  • Pipe Conveyor Belt
    • Bridgestone was the first company to introduce pipe conveyor belts which are enclosed systems.
  • Energy Saving Belt
    • Introduction of Bridgestone's "Super Low Loss" Belt designed to reduce power consumption
  • Ready Made Belt
    • Bridgestone's ready made conveyor's lineup
  • Related Equipment
    • Bridgestone offers a variety of products such as a rip detection system to support efficient mining operations